Superhost has formed strategic alliances with our partners who exhibit the same quality of excellence in the services they provide. Our partners perform a strategic planning overview on a variety of items and are readily available to assist. Please see below for a list of our valued partners:


Merrill Lynch

W Mathew Shinn, CFM
130 W Main St.
Ft Wayne, IN 46802
T- 800-937-0827

Deutsche Bank

Shazad Dada
60 Wall St, MS NYC60-4310
NYC, NY 10005
T- 212-250-0306


Landmark Hotels & Suites

PO Box: 42222 Dubai
United Arab Emirates
T - +971-4-228-6666


Miller Read, LLC

Todd Miller, CPA
8635 Kings Mill Place
Ft Wayne, IN 46804
T - 260-432-2220


Beckman Lawson, LLP

Robert L Nicholson, JD
200 East Main
800 Standard Federal Plaza
Ft Wayne, IN 46801